Eurospine 2020

6–9 October, Virtual Annual Meeting


Innovations in spinal deformity correction: Time for individualised medicine

Management of patients with spinal deformity has become increasingly complex. Historical gold standards and common therapies are being challenged by emerging technologies and innovations as well as an abundance of healthcare data. Learn how to incorporate all these factors to provide better decision-making, individualised treatment strategies, and improved patient outcomes.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this symposium, you will be able to:
  • Discuss the contribution of individualised medicine in the field of spinal surgery
  • Analyse new technologies and innovations to treatment, from a risk stratification perspective, for contributions to surgical performance
  • Interpret data to incorporate predictive analytics for risk stratification when creating an individualised preoperative plan
  • Maximise data to improve health outcomes and reduce cost

Tuesday, 6 October

15:10–16:10 as well as 21:40–22:40 CEST
30 min
Amit Jain, Baltimore, United States
What is new in spinal growth?
James O. Sanders, Chapel Hill, United States
Debate case introduction
Amit Jain, Baltimore, United States
Brace/ observe
Suken A. Shah, Wilmington, United States
Thomas J. Errico, Miami, United States
Patrick J. Cahill, Philadelphia, United States
30 min
AIS in the era of AI: Offering a custom surgical solution
Kariman Abelin-Genevois, Lyon, France
Is custom driven management in the future of spine surgery?
Ferran Pellisé, Barcelona, Spain
ASD in the era of AI: Case discussion based on surgical planning
Javier Pizones, Madrid, Spain
Predictive analytics: Offering custom-driven decision-making
Christopher P. Ames, San Francisco, United States
Tailoring the procedure to the individual patient’s risk profile
Khaled M. Kebaish, Baltimore, United States
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