Eurospine 2020

6–9 October, Virtual Annual Meeting


Pushing the frontiers of spine surgery through advanced technologies and robotics

This symposium will review the latest advances in robotics, navigation, and augmented reality in spine surgery. Since the learning curve is often a rate-limiting step in adopting new techniques and technology, we will review a new 3D printing technology that helps improve this curve.

Upon completion of this session, participants should gain strategies to:
  • Review the latest literature that evaluates the techniques as well as the benefits and drawbacks of using robotics in spine surgery;
  • Define how navigation can be used to help facilitate performing spine endoscopy;
  • Describe the clinical use of augmented reality systems in spine surgery along with their clinical results;
  • Explain the use of a novel 3D printed system to simulate spine surgery.

Wednesday, 7 October

15:10–16:10 as well as 21:40–22:40 CEST
14 min
Updates in robotic spine surgery
Srinivas K. Prasad, Philadelphia, United States
14 min
New application of navigation: navigated endoscopy
Nathaniel P. Brooks, Madison, United States
14 min
Simulation using 3D printing: teaching and clinical applications
Eric W. Nottmeier, Jacksonville, United States
15 min
Is augmented reality the next frontier in spine surgery?
Chetan K. Patel, Altamonte Springs, United States
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