Eurospine 2020

6–9 October, Virtual Annual Meeting


Hip-spine relationship: Emerging knowledge and evolving solutions

Chair: Luigi Zagra, Milano, Italy

The European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT) is the platform organisation linking Europe‘s national orthopaedic associations. Its aims reflect the will of all the participating associations to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge and experience in the field of prevention and both the conservative and surgical treatment of diseases and injuries concerning the musculo-skeletal system.

Tuesday, 6 October

15:10–16:10 as well as 21:40–22:40 CEST
5 min
Introduction: hip-spine relationship– what is the clinical problem?
Luigi Zagra, Milan, Italy
10 min
Definitions and classifications in clinical practice
Eduardo Garcia Rey, Madrid, Spain
10 min
The present and the “next-future”: anatomical vs functional cup anteversion and femoro-acetabular functional relations
Jean-Yves Lazennec, Paris, France
10 min
My suggestions for the hip surgeon
Claudio Lamartina, Milan, Italy
10 min
My suggestions for the spine surgeon
Carsten Perka, Berlin, Germany
15 min
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