Eurospine 2020

6–9 October, Virtual Annual Meeting

CSRS - European Section

Cervical trauma - From top to bottom

Host and chair: Michael Mayer, Munich, Germany
Co-chair: Heiko Koller, Munich, Germany

The Cervical Spine Research Society - Europe is an organisation of individuals interested in clinical and research problems of the cervical spine. Its purpose is the exchange and development of ideas and philosophy regarding the diagnosis and treatment of cervical spine injury and disease.

Tuesday, 6 October

15:10–16:10 as well as 21:40–22:40 CEST
5 min
Michael Mayer, Munich, Germany
Heiko Koller, Munich, Germany
5 min
Clearing the cervical spine
Federico de Iure, Bologna, Italy
6 min
Craniocervical ligamentous injury: Definition of instability & related treatment
Richard Bransford, Seattle, United States
6 min
C1-fractures: Successful non-surgical & surgical treatment
Jonathan Bull, London, United Kingdom
5 min
Odontoid & C2-fractures: Experience meets evidence
Klaus Schnake, Erlangen, Germany
6 min
Subaxial trauma: Classification & related treatment strategies
Robert Morrison, Ingolstadt, Germany
6 min
Paediatric trauma: Injury types & treatment strategies
Anton Kathrein, Zams, Austria
6 min
Trauma of the stenotic canal: Timing & neurology
Ronald Bartels, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
6 min
Trauma of the rigid spine: Pitfalls & complication avoidance
Sebastian Hartmann, Innsbruck, Austria
6 min
Cervical metastatisis: Defining stability & tailoring surgery
Cedric Barrey, Lyon, France
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