6–8 October, Vienna, Austria

Scientific Programme

van Agtmaal, Julia

Paul Willems studied medicine at the Catholic Univeristeit Nijmegen in 2002, he round his studies. In 2011 he was promoted in the field of "Decision making in the surgical treatment of chronic low back pain. The performance of prognostic test to select a patient 'for lumbar spinal fusion.
After completing his education, he attended AO Spine Surgery Fellowship at St. Maartens in Nijmegen. From 2004-2007 he was a staff member in the partnership of the Orthopedics Surgery-VieCuri Medical Center in Venlo. He is a staff member Orthopedics in MUMC + since September 2007. His specialization concerns in particular the spine. Besides, he is project leader of the Spin Center Maastricht.


16:00 - 17:25
Adult deformity and infection
Location: Strauss 3
QF31 The use of sublaminar wires to create semi-rigid junctional fixation in surgical correction of adult degenerative scoliosis

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