6–8 October, Vienna, Austria


  • Arrive in the room leaving sufficient time before the session. Introduce yourself to the moderator(s) and to the room assistant. Make the moderator familiar with the pronunciation of your name and institution. This is critical for the moderator to run the session smoothly, to evaluate how fluent your English is, and consequently if you may need any help in reformulating questions from the audience when difficult to understand.

  • Walk on the stage to become familiar with the system, microphone and pointing device (the mouse).

  • The moderator may ask you in advance for a specific topic you would like to address to complement your presentation, in case there are no questions from the audience. Do not hesitate to prepare for it. The moderator may also propose a question of his own.

  • When the previous presentation is over, and before the moderator calls you, stand up and approach the stage sideways to be ready, but not to disturb the ongoing discussion. Approach the room assistant, who will help you set the microphone.

  • Strictly follow the instructions of the moderator(s), especially regarding the time allotted for your talk.

  • Please pay attention to the installed “time keeper” instrument and adhere to the foreseen scheduled slot for your presentation.

  • Speak directly into the microphone in a normal voice and do not touch the microphone.

  • It is recommended to use the mouse as a pointer, and to follow the arrow on the monitor in front of you. This will prevent you from turning your head, speaking away from the microphone, and not looking into the direction of the audience. This will be much more pleasant for the attendees. If you are using the laser pointer anyhow, make slow movements to give the participants a chance to find the red spot. When you do not point at anything, do not keep your finger on the switch - this uses up the batteries and may even be dangerous for audience eyes!

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