Eurospine 2018

19-21 September, Barcelona, Spain


Press and Media Credentials

General Information

Please carefully read the information below before you begin the registration process.
You will be required to either submit a digital copy of your Press ID card or a Letter of Assignment from your editor in chief during the registration process. You will only receive your confirmation once your documentation has been confirmed and approved.

Please send your credentials to .

Press Registration is free for all accredited Press Delegates.

Business cards will not be accepted as a form of Press Identification. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS made to this rule.

Communication organizations’ representatives wishing to promote products or services (i.e. marketing, advertising or public relations representatives) may not register as press delegates.

The following policies and guidelines have been prepared for news media which wish to cover the EUROSPINE Congress either through print, radio, internet, TV or photography:

The EUROSPINE Congress 2018 is open to representatives of print, electronic, internet, general interest and healthcare media. To register as a press delegate for the EUROSPINE Congress, journalists must present a Press Identification Card or a Letter of Assignment from the Editor-in-Chief
of a recognised source (news organisation).

Journalists reporting for online media outlets who wish to register as press must work for newsmaking organisations that meet the following criteria:
  • Editorial content must be independent of advertising and sponsorship.
  • Advertising or industry sponsorship on the website must be clearly identifiable as such.
The EUROSPINE Media Office reserves the right to deny a press registration for anyone, whom the office considers not to meet these criteria.
Registered journalists must wear press badges at all times during the congress.
The entire scientific programme during the conference is open to registered press delegates.
Camera crews filming in areas other than the designated press area or the press conference room must contact the EUROSPINE Media Office before filming. Prior written approval from a presenter is required for permission to be granted. EUROSPINE does not obtain approval for those wishing to photograph / video a presenter.
These same rules apply for still photography.
Photography / recording in open (public) areas of the Congress Centre is allowed - this does not include:
The Lecture Halls
The Poster Exhibition Hall
The Speakers' Lounge
The Industry Exhibition*

Filming and photography in the Industry Exhibition area is strictly forbidden.
If an exhibitor wishes to allow for filming or photography at his booth, please ask for a special permission at the EUROSPINE Media Office onsite.
If you would like to request your permission before the congress, please send an email to
The security staff onsite is instructed to deny access for any unauthorized photographer or filming crew to the Industry Exhibition area.
These regulations comply with the code of conduct of the pharmaceutical industry.
Your company and agents are fully liable for the abidance by applicable laws, particularly personal rights, copyright laws, trademark laws, etc.

Please find below the correct nomenclature to be used:

  • EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe = correct name of the society
  • EUROSPINE = correct abbreviation of society’s name (not SSE, not EuroSpine, etc)
  • EUROSPINE 2018 = correct name of the Annual Meeting


Embargo Policies

Embargo policies are as follows for presentations for the EUROSPINE Congress:
Information contained in those abstracts published online and in the volume of abstracts may not be released until the abstracts appear on the EUROSPINE web site. Abstracts are made available on the EUROSPINE website before the congress takes place.
Poster Presentations are under embargo until 11:59h (CET) on 19th September 2018.
Oral Presentations are under embargo until one (1) minute following the commencement of the speakers’ presentation.

Press briefings, other than those organised by EUROSPINE, are permitted as a matter of principle;
however, such a press event must not be held onsite at the same time as a EUROSPINE press event.

Third party press materials must be delivered on site to the staff in the EUROSPINE Media Office at the congress. Materials delivered to the EUROSPINE Secretariat in Zürich prior to the congress will not be transported to the congress location.

Press releases must clearly display the embargo date and time of the presentation at the congress. The company issuing the release assumes responsibility for ensuring embargoed releases are only distributed to reporters who will abide by the EUROSPINE’s embargo policies.

Third parties wishing to conduct a press conference should contact:

PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of any journalists to obtain permission for photography or recording of any presentations during the EUROSPINE Congress. EUROSPINE does not take any responsibility for implications, if a permission is not requested.


An interview room may be reserved by registered media through the EUROSPINE Media Office staff.
Use of this room is by appointment only and subject to availability.
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