Eurospine 2020

6–9 October, Virtual Annual Meeting

Presidential Address

Wednesday, 7 October, 16:30
Thursday, 8 October, 09:30

Presidential Address by the EUROSPINE President
Professor Everard Munting MD, PhD, Ottignies, Belgium

Decision Making, a solitary Task?

In 2020, the world news has shown better than anything, how difficult it may be to make decisions. In spine care, more than in any medical specialty, we are confronted daily with the task of difficult decision making. Why is it so and how can we make things easier to handle for the best benefit of our patients? That is the subject of this year presidential address.

Short bio:
Professor Everard Munting, MD, PhD, is active in a community hospital in Ottignies, Belgium.
He is specialized in spinal deformity surgery in the adult and the adolescent. His spine unit is a Eurospine Surgical Spine Center of excellence in deformity and degenerative pathology.
His is involved in register based clinical research. He is a founding member of the Spine Society of Belgium. He was the Local Host of Eurospine 2007 in Brussels. He is faculty of the Eurospine Education Program and has hold many positions in the Eurospine Board until becoming Eurospine President in 2019.

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