5-7 October, Berlin, Germany

Pre-day Courses and Lunch Symposia

We are happy to announce that topics for the pre-day courses as well as the EUROSPINE lunch symposia have been defined.
Please note that changes may still occur.

Pre-day Courses

Tuesday, 4 October
Pre-day Course I
Spine Tango Users Meeting (STUM)
Chair: Rolf Sobottke, Würselen (Germany) Christian Herren, Aachen (Germany)
Room: M5, City Cube Berlin
Pre-day Course II
Future of Spinal Surgery
Chair: Luis Alvarez Galovich, Madrid, Spain
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Lunch Symposia

Wednesday, 5 October
From Research to Clinical Practice
Room: A1
Chairs: Federico Balagué, Fribourg, Switzerland; Margareta Nordin, Romorantin, France

Federico Balagué, Fribourg, Switzerland; Margareta Nordin, Romorantin, France

The Change Of Model For Spinal Disorders (From The Medical/Epidemiological Model To The Bio-Psycho-Social Model). Why We Need To Enlarge The Model For Best Clinical Practice
Christine Cedraschi, Geneva, Switzerland

Biology And Biochemistry Research: Future Influence In Spine Clinical Practice. (How Will Basic Science Research Change Clinical Spine Practice In The Future?)
Sally Roberts, Shropshire, Uk

From Clinical Research To Daily Practice Acceptability, Harm, Effectiveness, And Cost. (What Diagnostics And/Or Treatments Made Clinical Spine Practice Change Or Not, Examples)
Rachid Salmi, Bordeaux, France

Panel Discussion Questions And Answers

Cervical Spine Surgery - What To Do When The Unexpected Happens.
Symposium Organised by the Cervical Spine Research Society, European Section
Room: A2
Faculty: Carmen Vleggeert, Claes Olerud, Petr Suchomel, Ronald Bartels On Behalf Of The CSRS-ES

Interactive case presentation with short review of the literature
Details here are displayed in the app-programme and online
Thursday, 6 October
Interbody Fusion – A Wide Range Of Surgical Options And Materials
Room: A1
Chair: Klaus John Schnake, Fürth, Germany

Introduction: How Do We Achieve The Best Lumbar Interbody Fusion?
Klaus John Schnake, Fürth, Germany

The Approach – Anterior, Posterior, Or Lateral?
• Anterior (Alif) Is Superior
Zdenek Klezl, Derby, Uk
• Posterior (Plif, Tlif) Is Superior
Manuel Tavares, Lisbon, Portugal
• Oblique (Olif) Is Superior
Christoph Mehren, Munich, Germany
• Extreme Lateral (Xlif) Is Superior
Pedro Berjano, Milano, Italy


The Technique – Cage Materials And Designs
• Why I Use Titanium
Stavros Stavridis, Thessaloniki, Greece
• Why I Use Peek
Peter Vajkoczy, Berlin, Germany
• Why I Use Coated Cages
Lorin Benneker, Bern, Switzerland
• Why I Use Pmma
Áron Lazary, Budapest, Hungary


The Biology – Bone Graft Vs. Substitutes For Spinal Fusion
Hans-Jörg Meisel, Halle, Germany

How To Improve Resutls On Deformities. Is The Key In The Preoperative Management
Room: A2
Chair: Javier Pizones, Madrid, Spain

Preoperative Patient Care
Susana Núñez, Koeln, Germany

Preoperative Osteotomy Planification
Çaglar Yilgör, Istanbul, Turkey

Surgical Tips And Tricks To Minimise Complications
Ibrahim Obeid, Bordeaux, France

Panel Discussion
Questions And Answers
Friday, 7 October
Low Back Pain – The Impact Of Hip And Sacroiliac Joint As Possible Generators
Room: A1
Chair: Stavros Stavridis, Thessaloniki, Greece

Introduction, Case Presentation
Stavros Stavridis, Thessaloniki, Greece

SI Joint Pain. Does This Really Exist?
Bengt Sturesson, Angelholm, Sweden

Conservative Management Of Si Joint Pain. How Effective Is It?
Efthimios Samoladas, Thessaloniki, Greece

Is There Place For Operative Treatment?
Sotiris Papastefanou, Athens, Greece

SI Joint Problems After Lumbar Spine Surgery
Frank Kandziora, Frankfurt, Germany

Sagittal Balance Changes And Pain Generators Around The Hip Following Thr
Jean Charles Le Huec, Bordeaux, France

Discussion (All Faculty)
Adult Scoliosis. The Rules, The Ropes And Techniques To Stay Out Of Problems
Room: A2
Chair: Hossein Mehdian, Nottingham, UK

Classification, Treatment Options And Complications
Hossein Mehdian: Nottingham, Uk

Compensation in Sagittal Malalignment: Complex Spine Malalignement Correction. Strategy and Pitfalls. Analysis and Significance
Ibrahim Obeid, Bordeaux, France

Three Column Osteotomies
Ferran Pellise, Barcelona, Spain

Sagittal Alignment
Ahmet Alanay, Istanbul, Turkey

Adverse Events In Surgical Treatment Of Adult Spinal Deformities
Benny Dahl, Copenhagen, Denmark

Subject to be announced
Frank Kleinstueck, Zurich, Switzerland

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