16–18 October, Helsinki, Finland

Patient Day on World Spine Day

Wednesday, 16 October, the first day of the Annual Meeting, coincides with World Spine DayAchtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster this year. The aim is to raise awareness of back pain and other spinal issues. The 2019 theme is #GETSPINEACTIVE.

EUROSPINE contributes with a patient information event which will be held in Finnish on Wednesday, 16 October from 14:30–17:00 in room 208 at the congress venue. The entry is free of charge.

Additionally, on 16 October you will find information panels related to back pain in the registration area. The Patient Line CommitteeAchtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster will be present and pleased to answer all inquiries you may have. Moreover, EUROSPINE will offer 15 min. of a back friendly mini workout with stretching exercises (between 15:35–16:00) carried out by a physiotherapists. Everybody is invited to join and #GETSPINEACTIVE. Be in for a little surprise - we have prepared great give-aways! To top it off, a healthy snack and refreshments will be served to ensure your well-being.

Programme of the Patient Day

Topic/Aihe: Back pain/Selkäkipu
Chair/ Puheenjohtaja: LT Katri Pernaa
Room/ Huone: 208
Miksi selkäkipu on niin yleistä?
Dos Simo Taimela
Särkylääkettäkö vaan? Vai kuntosalille?
Prof Jari Arokoski
Puukkoa selkään?
LT Katri Pernaa
The break will include 15 min. of back friendly exercises carried out by a physiotherapist. Everybody is invited to join and #getspineactive. A healthy snack and refreshments will be served as well to ensure your well-being.
Tunteet kivussa ja kivun pitkittymisessä
Psykologi Tage Orenius
Elämä selkäkivun kanssa
Dos Helena Miranda
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