19–21 October, Milan, Italy

Scientific Programme

Passias, Peter

Being a leader in the advancement of the surgical treatment of spinal conditions, Dr. Passias dedicates a large portion of his time to both clinical and basic science related spinal research. Over the course of his career, he has received multiple research grants related to the treatment of spinal disorders, published more than 100 original and review articles, and has had more than 200 presentations at scientific conferences, and served as faculty on numerous spinal surgery courses worldwide. The focus of his research ranges from critically analyzing patient outcomes of our current treatment modalities, to the advanced study of the realignment of spinal deformities, and the harnessing of patient’s own stem cells to help them overcome certain spinal diseases. He has edited several textbooks on spinal deformity and cervical spine surgery, and serves as an editor or reviewer for such notable medical journals as Spine, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, The Spine Journal, The Journal of Spinal Disorders & Techniques and Neurosurgery.


08:45 - 10:15
Adult Spinal Deformity
Location: Plenary Hall
9:41 - 9:46  
At What Point Does Degenerative Become Deformity: When Good Outcomes Necessitate Sagittal Correction in Adult Cervical Deformity Surgery

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