19–21 October, Milan, Italy

Meet the Experts Activities

This year the following companies are organising small “Meet-the-Expert” gatherings during coffee breaks:

  • Medtronic at booth n.100
  • NuVasive at booth n.98
  • B.Braun at booth n.65
  • Globus Medical at booth n.99
  • ZEISS at booth n.67
  • DePuy Synthes at booth n.54
  • RIWOspine at booth n.63
presentation at booth n.100

Robotics Master Class
Join the hands-on in-booth demonstrations with Dr. Klaus J. Schnake and Dr. Denis Rappert to learn more about the Mazor™ robotic technology in combination with the full Medtronic ecosystem. Dr. Schnake and Dr. Rappert will show the importance of planning, demonstrate the surgical steps & surgical technique and share their experience. There will be a special focus on the seamless interaction of the various techniques and other Medtronic technologies.

Klaus John Schnake, Germany: Wednesday, 19 October
Denis Rappert, Germany: Thursday, 20 & Friday, 21 October

UNiDTM Adaptive Spine Intelligence (ASI) Master Class
UNiDTM ASI makes spine surgery predictable and repeatable using artificial intelligence – backed by data science.
Dr. Nicolas Plais will demonstrate on the booth how to plan, execute and analyze cases with the usage of the platform.

Nicolas Plais, Spain: 19 October morning & afternoon; 20 October morning

presentation at booth n.98

Wednesday, 19 October | 10:30-10:50 & 15:30-15:50
Pulse: an expert’s review of its modalities
Sven Vetter

Thursday, 20 October | 10:15-10:35 & 15:15-15:35
Reline 3D: an expert’s guide to 3D deformity correction
Stewart Tucker

Friday, 21 October | 10:30-10:40
X360: an expert’s journey with single position surgery
Dominique Rothenfluh

presentation at booth n.65

Ennovate® Cervical and Ennovate® Lumbar with Navigation
Solutions beyond Fusion

Prof. Martin Repko, Czech Republic
Pavel Barsa, Czech Republic

Globus Medical
presentation at booth n.99

More details will be published soon.

presentation at booth n.67

More details will be published soon.

DePuy Synthes
presentation at booth n.54

Wednesday, 19 October | 10:15 – 10:35
Why ATP?
Luis Perez-Orribo, Spain

Wednesday, 19 October | 15:15 – 15:35
Why ATP?
Luis Perez-Orribo, Spain

Thursday, 20 October | 10:15 – 10:35
Skin to Bone to Home
Nick Haden, United Kingdom

Thursday, 20 October | 15:15 – 15:35
Skin to Bone to Home
Nick Haden, United Kingdom

Friday, 21 October | 10:15-10:35
SPI Meet the Expert Session with Julian Leong: Digital standardization using the Surgical Process Institute (SPI) in Spine Surgery
Julian Leong, United Kingdom

EAO imaging
Presentation at booth n.20

EOS better informing spine surgery
Jean Charles Le Huec, France

Presentation at booth n.63

Wednesday, 19 October | 10:15-10:35
Spinal decompression with full-endoscopic technique
C. Siepe

Wednesday, 19 October | 15:15-15:35
Learning curve in full-endoscopic spine surgery
Vaggagini / Paoli

Thursday, 20 October | 10:00-10:20
Full-endoscopic foraminal technique
S. Ruetten

Thursday, 20 October | 15:00-15:20
Full endoscopic surgery at the cervical spine
M. Komp

Friday, 21 October | 10:15-10:35
Full endoscopic surgery at the cervical spine
M. Komp

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