16–18 October, Helsinki, Finland

Industry Lunch Workshops - Thursday 17 October 2019, 12:00-14:00

Meeting Room 103

Advancing the Future of Spine Surgery with Expandable Technology and ExcelsiusGPS

Gerd Bordon, Spain
Vladimir Sinkov, United States

Meeting Room 203

Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery: Comprehensive Techniques and Novelties

Full-endoscopic Transforaminal Access to spine pathologies and preservation of spine stability
Felix Dominguez, Mexico

Full-Endoscopic Interlaminar Lumbar Decompression Techniques
Soo Sang Eun, South Korea

Entire Spectrum of Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery
Ralf Wagner, Germany

Introduction to Endoscopic Spinal Navigation with Intracs®
Erik Traupe, Germany

Clinical experience and application with Intracs® - Experience after the first 50 cases
Jiaochiao Yang, Taiwan

Full-Endoscopic Treatment of Facet Joint and SI-Joint Pain
Richard Ibrahim, Germany

Meeting Room 207

The Concept of Full-endoscopic Spine Surgery

Full-endoscopic interlaminar and trans-/extraforaminal surgery of lumbar disk herniations – Technique and Indications
Sebastian Ruetten, Germany

Full-endoscopic decompression of lateral and central spinal stenosis
Christoph Siepe, Germany

Development and experiences in full-endoscopic spine surgery from Finland – Case presentations
Jari Siironen, Finland

Advanced techniques in full-endoscopic spine surgery at the cervical and thoracic spine
Sebastian Ruetten, Germany

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