2-4 October, Liverpool, UK

Guidelines and Information for Speakers & Chair persons

A. General Info

Two chairpersons will be allocated to each session responsible for introducing the speakers, controlling the timing of the sessions and moderating the discussion.
All rooms are set up in theatre style and are equipped with a lectern, microphones, projector, screen, laser pointer and a presentation laptop.

B. Timing of Session

In order to keep the sessions running to schedule and allow questions from the audience it is very important to keep the presentations within the allotted time: Your slides will fade automatically after the allotted time, there is a stopwatch running for your control.

In this respect we strongly recommend that speakers ensure that their presentation does not exceed the allotted time as we expect the Chairperson to strictly adhere to the timetable. Stopping a Speaker from completing a presentation is very embarrassing for all concerned and hopefully will not be necessary if everyone respects this requirement.

Regular Presentation: 5 minutes
QuickFire Presentation: 3 minutes

C. Chairpersons

Chairpersons will be in charge of introducing the session, introducing the speakers, ensuring the speakers respect the assigned time, and leading questions and discussion with speakers and audience.

Introduction of speakers by the Chairperson should include their full title, place of work and main contribution to the subject area. This should provide due credit to the speaker without using unnecessary time.

D. Conflict of Interest

EUROSPINE is committed to avoid potential conflicts of interest: any financial relationship between the speaker/chairperson and a company manufacturing or distributing a product must be disclosed and openly shared. Conflicts of interest need to be disclosed for each author on the second slide. Presentations which do not follow this prerequisite cannot be shown.

During the presentation/discussion open publicity or unfair and/or unsupported information for products/organisations/business should be avoided. Commercial logos or photographs should not be used (other than in the designated industry workshops).

E. Audio-visual Requirements for Speakers

EUROSPINE 2013 requires the speakers to adapt their audio-visual material to the technical equipment provided at the conference venue to ensure a smooth running of all sessions.

Technical & Formal requirements:
  • Each Session Room will be equipped with an i7 processor presentation laptop running Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, where you will be in control of moving your slides back and forth.
  • Note: the Speakers’ Preview Center and network to the session rooms support PowerPoint presentations version Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft office 2010 only.
  • To safeguard presentation time and quality we hope you understand that use of your own laptop will not be possible. All presentations need to be handed in at the Speakers Preview Center at least 2 to 3 hours prior to the respective session (more information below).
  • The only presentation software supported will be Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 for Windows. If you are using other software like Prezi or similar please contact the Organising Secretariat prior to the event.
  • Please note that only single projection will be available.
  • Do not include live links to the Internet into your presentation. If you wish to show web pages use screen shots within your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Electronic presentations for regular sessions will be projected on screens using a PIP system.
  • Electronic presentations for Quick Fire sessions and EUROSPINE Lunch Symposia will be projected on screens optimized for 4:3.
  • Speakers should bring their presentations saved preferably on USB memory Stick. Other forms of recording like CD-R or DVD-R disk will be accepted too.

Video or audio files
  • Please ensure that any video or audio files that are part of the PowerPoint presentation are also saved as separate video / audio files on the USB memory stick along with the PowerPoint presentation. We strongly recommend to create a folder with all the content of the presentation.
  • Inform the technicians at the Preview Center in due time, that a video/audio file is included in your presentation.
  • Movies must not exceed 50 MB each.
  • WMV or AVI are the only acceptable video formats.

Useful information for Keynote/Macintosh users:
  • Apple Macintosh / Keynote users should contact the Organising Secretariat prior to the event.
  • If you have already prepared your presentation in Keynote on your Macintosh you are kindly asked to convert it to PowerPoint if possible prior to the conference so that you can adapt it if necessary
  • In case you cannot convert your keynote presentation as requested, professional staff at the Speakers’ Preview Center will be happy to help you. To give them enough time please hand in your presentation at the Preview Center at least 4 to 5 hours prior to your presentation.

Saving your presentation / Font for your presentation
  • To avoid any compatibility problems please do not use special characters to name your presentation or video files.
  • When saving your presentation, please use the following format:
(where NN is the name or number of the presentation as it appears in the final programme)
  • When choosing fonts for your presentation, please ensure that they are supported by Microsoft Office. If a non-standard font is used within a presentation, this will result in a substitute font being inserted by PowerPoint.
  • There is no size limit for presentations uploaded onsite at the preview center. However, we still recommend keeping the size as small as possible.

F. Speakers’ Preview Center

Presentation file(s) must be uploaded at least 2-3 hours prior to the beginning of the corresponding session. In case of early morning sessions, please upload your presentation the day before. Professional staff will be happy to assist you in case of any technical problems.

The Speaker Preview technicians will check the presentation for compatibility and will load it on to the Speaker Preview Network. The Speaker Preview technicians will advise the speakers on the use of the presentation equipment and AV set up in the session rooms. Attending the Speaker Preview Room will ensure that your presentation will run as smoothly as possible.

The Speakers’ Preview Center will be located on the upper level in room 7. See on-site signage as well as the floor plan in the final programme book.

Speakers’ Preview Center Opening Hours (subject to change):

Tuesday, October 1, 2013: 08:00 – 18:00
Wednesday, October 2, 2013: 07:30 – 18:30
Thursday, October 3, 2013: 07:30 – 18:30
Friday, October 4, 2013: 07:30 – 16:00

We kindly ask for your understanding that due to space and time limitation at the Speakers’ Preview Center presentations should be prepared and edited before submission.
Thank you for bringing your presentations in a ready-to-upload format!

Should you have any questions or remarks, please contact the Congress Organising Secretariat at .

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