Eurospine 2020

6–9 October, Virtual Annual Meeting

Engage, connect and win!

Easily earn points for being active during the congress and make the most of your virtual experience by connecting with your spine colleagues, renowned experts and industry representatives. The top 3 attendees will be awarded fabulous prizes after the congress. Be one of them!

You will receive points if you complete the following goals:
  • Attendance at Virtual EUROSPINE 2020 (500 points)
  • Upload a picture to your profile (1,000 points)
  • Connect with peers (8,500 points)
  • Ask a question during a session (4,000 points)
  • Join a session live poll (1,500 points)
  • Vote your favourite presentation (1,500 points)
  • Complete a session survey (1,000 points)
  • Connect with exhibitors (8,500 points)
  • Check out the announcements (1,500 points)

The top 3 attendees will receive:

1. A L4-Sacrum spine education model kindly sponsored by Dynamic Disc Design
2. A free registration for the EUROSPINE Annual Meeting 2021
3. A dinner ticket for the EUROSPINE 2021 congress evening

Winners will be announced after the congress.

Your current score can be seen on the virtual congress platform, next to your profile picture on the right corner of your screen.

Have fun and collect as many points as possible!

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