Eurospine 2018

19-21 September, Barcelona, Spain

20th Anniversary Photo Challenge

And the winners are...

We are happy to announce the three winners of the 20th Anniversary photo contest "My 1st EUROSPINE experience":
Tobias Lagerbäck who wins a ticket to the EUROSPINE 2018 congress evening at Café del Mar Lounge worth €85 (1st prize),
Takeshi Aoyama who gets a supercool #TeamEUROSPINE running shirt (2nd prize) and
Kelly Graber who is in for a surprise gift (3rd prize).
Congratulations to all of you!

The official presentation of all winners will be during the Welcome Reception at the EUROSPINE booth on Wednesday, 19 September 2018 from 17:30-18:30

Enter EUROSPINE’s 20th anniversary photo contest!

In 2018 EUROSPINE celebrates its 20th Anniversary – we have taken this as an opportunity to organise some activities to celebrate this wonderful occasion!

Send us a picture from your very first EUROSPINE experience and win a ticket to the EUROSPINE 2018 congress evening at Café del Mar Lounge worth €85 (1st prize), a supercool #TeamEUROSPINE running shirt worth €25 (2nd prize) or a surprise gift (3rd prize)!
Be it your first congress or your face when submitting your first abstract, a walk down memory lane with old polaroids or a modern selfie re-enactment of your personal WOW moment – get creative and let us know what EUROSPINE means to you! We look forward to your contributions!

The prize-winning photographs are assembled into a huge picture mosaic and will be seen by all attendees of EUROSPINE 2018 in Barcelona.
The first three winning pictures are also published in the ‘The Spine Times’, EUROSPINE’s congress newspaper which will be distributed to all delegates for free at the congress venue and online on the app and meeting website (accessible also after the congress).

Participate by posting your image on Twitter or Facebook and tagging it with #eurospine20th OR send us an e-mail with your image to and we will put it online.

Deadline for submissions is 15 July 2018. Pictures will be selected via randomised draw.

By submitting your photo to EUROSPINE or tagging your photo with the hashtag #eurospine20th you are granting permission for these images to be used by EUROSPINE on websites operated by EUROSPINE, including but not limited to and, as well as EUROSPINE’s Social Media channels (including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter). You also grant permission for your name and/or user name to be used in relation to your image on aforementioned platforms. Entrants may withdraw their submissions at any time during the submission period by writing an email to All images submitted will be published in a Jubilee Mosaic at EUROSPINE 2018 in Barcelona.

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