Eurospine 2018

19-21 September, Barcelona, Spain

Medal Lecture 2018

Martin E. Schwab is professor of Neuroscience at the Institute of Regenerative Medicine of the University of Zurich and at the Dept. of Health Sciences and Technology of ETH Zurich. His research focuses on the mechanisms of structural and functional plasticity and repair of the brain and spinal cord. He postulated the concept of specific inhibitors of neurite growth as a cause of the absent regeneration of injured fiber tracts in the CNS. With his group he isolated the membrane protein Nogo-A and showed that Nogo-A neutralization leads to fiber regeneration, enhanced plasticity and functional repair after spinal cord or brain injuries in adult rats and monkeys. These results led to currently on-going clinical trials.
EUROSPINE is honoured that Martin Schwab has accepted to give this year's Medal Lecture on Thursday, 20 September, Plenary Hall. The title of his lecture is: New therapies to repair the neuronal hardware and improve functional recovery after spinal cord injury
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