Eurospine 2018

19-21 September, Barcelona, Spain

Pre-day Courses on Tuesday, 18 September

Pre-day Course I 
Anterior Approaches to the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine
Chairs: Pedro Berjano, Milan, Italy and Hossein Mehdian, London, UK
Room 112

The anterior approach to the spine has been around for the last 50 years. Originally, the surgery involved a large abdominal incision in which the surgeon would cut through the abdominal muscles and the peritoneal cavity to gain access to the spine. Today, however, anterior approaches to the spine can be done with a minimally invasive approach. As with all surgical procedures, the anterior approach to spine carries with it a few risks and potential complications that are unique to this surgical approach.

Educational goals:
  • To provide participants with an opportunity to interact with experts in the clinical use of anterior approaches to the spine
  • To provide information with clinical significance that goes more in depth than classical textbooks
  • To gain a comprehension of the variety of anterior approaches to the spine in every anatomical region.

Pre-day Course II
Emerging Technologies in Spine Surgery
Chairs: Doniel Drazin and J. Patrick Johnson, USA
Room 111

This course will explore the new advances in the field of emerging technologies in spine surgery and will provide the current state of the art in the use of technology for treating spinal pathology. Topics include and are not limited to intraoperative imaging, navigation, robotics, next generation microscopes and surgical instruments, combinatorial technologies, augmented reality and surgical simulators.

Course Objectives:
  • Develop an understanding of the role of emerging technologies in improving the care of neurosurgical and orthopaedic patients with spinal disorders.
  • Identify the indications to use and the expected outcomes of utilising navigation and emerging technologies in the treatment of spinal disorders.
  • Develop a strategy to implement new technologies providing beneficial spinal care for patients with spinal disorders.
Sections include: Navigation, emerging technologies, and hands-on

Pre-day Course III 
Spine Tango Users Meeting (STUM)
Chairs: Anne Mannion and Emin Aghayev, Zurich, Switzerland
Room 118/119

Spine Registry
CME-Accreditation of Pre-day Courses
The EUROSPINE 2018 pre-day courses were granted the following CME credits (ECMEC®s) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®):

Pre-day Course I, Anterior Approaches to the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine: 4 ECMEC
Pre-day Course II, Emerging Technologies in Spine Surgery: 3 ECMEC
Pre-day Course III, Spine Tango User Meeting (STUM): 3 ECMEC

A feedback form will be sent to each Pre-day Course participant on Tuesday afternoon. After completing the survey, delegates will automatically receive their CME certificate for the respective Pre-day Course.
Please note:
A separate registration for Pre-day Courses is necessary.
If you are already registered for EUROSPINE 2018, please get in contact with Mondial Congress & Events to add a registration for the Pre-day Course.

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