11-13 October, Dublin, Ireland

Friday, 13 Oct 2017

The Grand Finale

The ‘Best of Show’
5 of the best rated abstracts have been chosen by the EUROSPINE ProgCom to qualify for the Best Podium Award, but it was left to the audience to decide the final winner. All 5 presented their nominated papers, before the audience had 20 minutes to make up their mind, and more than 800 did so! Thank you for the numerous votes, which made Peter Försth’s paper No long time benefit from fusion in decompressive surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis. 5 Year-Results from the Swedish spinal stenosis study, a multicenter RCT of 233 Patients to the winning title. We congratulate Peter Försth and his research team from Sweden to the EUROSPINE Best Podium Award 2017!
>> Interview with Peter Försth & summary of the award paperAchtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster

Award Papers: In the same session also two other award winners presented their winning titles:
Winner of 2016/2017 Grammer/European Spine Journal Award:Achtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster The effect of simulated microgravity on lumbar spine bio-mechanics: an in vitro study (J. Laws, Britta Berg-Johansen, Alan R. Hargens, Jeffrey C. Lotz; Eur Spine J (2016) 25:2889-2897)
Winner of the Max Aebi Award for Clinical Sciences:Achtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster Incident of cancer in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients treated 25 years previously (Simony A, Hansen EJ, Christensen SB, Carreon LY, Andersen MO; Eur Spine J (2016) 25:336-3370)

EUROPSINE Activities: The session also gave room for presentations about EUROSPINE Education Activities by Education Council and EduCom Chair Bernhard MeyerAchtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster and information on the launch of EUROSPINE’s Patient Line websiteAchtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster by newly elected Patient Line Committee Member Derek Cowley.

The Friday EUROSPINE Lunch Symposia held one additional highlight – the first Live Surgery Session at a EUROSPINE Annual Meeting and a symposium in collaboration with Oxford Medical Training on the topic Management of Difficult Patients and Families. Before the second round of concurrent QuickFire sessions on the topics New Techniques and Imaging, Trauma, Tumour and Cervical Spine. The EUROSPINE Annual Meeting 2017 in Dublin also closed with a scientific highlight, a session on New Techniques, Medical EconomicsAchtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster.
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