Eurospine 2018

19-21 September, Barcelona, Spain

Industry Lunch Workshops - Wednesday 19 September 2018 12:00-14:00

Meeting Room 113
Enhancing degenerative spine surgery – improving outcomes for you, your hospital and your patient

Improving Hospital Efficiencies and Patient Satisfaction – my Experience
Richard Assaker, France

New Technologies. A Costly Expense or a Way to Improve Outcomes
Pablo Clavel, Spain

Degenerative Cases with Demanding Patient Conditions – What are my Solutions?
Ian Harding, UK

Meeting Room 118+119
Workshop Topic: REFLECT®, A Non-Fusion Technique for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Workshop Featured Technology: REFLECT®

Moderator: Randal Betz, USA

Speakers: Darryl Antonacci, USA
Juan Carlos Rodriguez Olaverri, Spain

Meeting Room 120+121
Driving OR efficiencies with novel MIS TLIF techniques and enabling technologies

Unmet needs for MIS TLIF procedures, current inefficiencies
C Thomé, Austria

OR efficiencies with novel MIS TLIF techniques
L Proietti, Italy

Clinical case presentations
A Parajon, Spain

Meeting Room 132
Arguments for cervical fusion vs Arguments for cervical arthroplasty

Let’s debate.
Jörg Franke, Germany
Jacques Beaurain, France

Meeting Room 131
Pseudarthrosis. Risk factors and strategies of avoidance

Risk factors
Alexander Montgomery, UK

Strategies for the lumbosacral region
Ulf Liljenqvist, Germany

Strategies for complex osteotomies
Henry Halm, Germany

Strategies in osteoporotic patients
Alexander Montgomery, UK

Meeting Room 130

Initial experience with a novel Visualization System from ZEISS in minimally invasive spine surgery
Andreas Korge, Germany

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